Welcome to Winter with Greenbelt

The most exciting, challenging and beautiful thing about the natural world is that it’s always moving. The living landscapes Greenbelt manages are no exception, constantly changing and evolving with ground and climate conditions.

This is scarcely more evident than when we move into autumn, as dramatic sunsets and transforming treetops bring bursts of brown, red and orange to our normally-green spaces.

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Amber Alert for Storm Callum

We would like to alert all of our customers that the Met Office has issued warnings of “potential danger to life” in some areas, due to the incoming Storm Callum.

There is currently an amber warning for rain in place across much of south Wales, set to remain from this morning (Friday 12th October) through tomorrow around 6PM.

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Did you know?

A study by the Centre for Ecology and Hydrology estimates 1.4 billion kg of air pollutants were removed by woodlands, plants, grasslands and other vegetation in the UK in 2015.

It also revealed this saved the UK around £1 billion by avoiding potential health costs.

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