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With 50,000 households under management throughout the UK, and a further 30,000 set to join our growing family, Greenbelt provides a sustainable model for the management of open space on new developments

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The benefits of a well managed environment are at the heart of our services. We are trusted to deliver flexible, one-stop solutions to the management of open space, woodland, water bodies, listed structures and play areas

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Greenbelt's Greenspace land management service is sustainable and secure in the long term. As we take ownership of land, then we take full responsibility for managing open space together with its obligations.

Play Area Refurbishments Continue

Sustainability is our watchword at Greenbelt, and we strive to make sure that our 52,000+ households UK-wide will be able to access and enjoy the open spaces that we manage on their behalf for many years to come.

It’s not just in our rolling maintenance schedules and long-term woodland management plans that you can see this dedication to sustainability, however. We’re also continuing our ongoing programme of play area refurbishments designed to breathe new life into the equipment on some of our more venerable playparks.

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By choosing Greenbelt you can make an important contribution to the local and global environment. Each year we plant 500,000 trees and shrubs, all of which are priceless in reducing the effect of CO2 emissions. At Greenbelt we believe as much in a sustainable planet as sustainable business.