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With 50,000 households under management throughout the UK, and a further 30,000 set to join our growing family, Greenbelt provides a sustainable model for the management of open space on new developments

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The benefits of a well managed environment are at the heart of our services. We are trusted to deliver flexible, one-stop solutions to the management of open space, woodland, water bodies, listed structures and play areas

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Greenbelt's Greenspace land management service is sustainable and secure in the long term. As we take ownership of land, then we take full responsibility for managing open space together with its obligations.

21 years with Greenbelt: Congratulations Stacey!

We’d like to extend huge congratulations to our Senior Billing Administrator Stacey Ralston, who recently passed a very impressive milestone, having been with the company for an amazing 21 years! 

Stacey started working for Greenbelt as the office junior at the young age of 17, all the way back in July 1995. She’s still hard at work every day in the billing department side of our Glasgow office, but at 21 years with the company she’s the longest-standing of our current staff by quite a margin.

“Stacey has been a loyal and trusted member of staff, happy to assist her colleagues and her manager in all the many tasks which are undertaken by the billing department,” said Karen Smith, Stacey’s manager and Greenbelt’s Head of Billing and Debt Recovery. “We hope Stacey will continue with the company for many more years.”

“When I came here in 1995, I never thought that I’d still be here in 2016,” said Stacey. “I think Greenbelt is a great company to work for – the staff are great, I get on well with all of them and I’ve got a good manager on my team too. There’s never a dull moment!”

Having been with us so long, Stacey has climbed the ladder since her debut as an office junior and, becoming a PA and Group Administator along the way. Back when the company was still finding its feet, Stacey remembers a number of different versions of the Greenbelt office, including our first, tiny premises on Holland Street and our old location on St Vincent Street.

When current Greenbelt CEO Alex Middleton took over, Stacey was still Group Administrator, in charge of important aspects of housekeeping like staff pensions and insurance.

Nowadays, Stacey’s still an integral part of our billing department at Greenbelt’s current premises in McCafferty House on Firhill Road, where we’ve been since 2010 – the fifth Greenbelt office space she’s worked in as Greenbelt grew during her incredible 21-year tenure with us. Greenbelt’s billing team have done great in their own right recently, overseeing record-breaking numbers of new additions to the Greenbelt family as we inch ever closer to caring for the big 50,000 households UK-wide: not long at all now!

Thanks for all your hard work and patience with us Stacey, here’s to another 21 years!


By choosing Greenbelt you can make an important contribution to the local and global environment. Each year we plant 500,000 trees and shrubs, all of which are priceless in reducing the effect of CO2 emissions. At Greenbelt we believe as much in a sustainable planet as sustainable business.