Greenbelt provides professional, sustainable open space management and maintenance solutions. Servicing 600+ residential developments, containing 60,000+ households, we are recognised for providing the finest service at the best possible price.

Specialising purely in open spaces and their long-term stewardship, our vast wealth of in-house skills and expertise in both horticulture and biodiversity ensures that even the most complex developments and features are always properly managed and cared for.

Constantly innovating and evolving, our in-house expertise is not just limited to the horticulture and biodiversity elements, we also boast an industry leading, custom-built, Information and Customer support system complementing our drive for excellence.

Adding homeowners’ rights policies over the past 20 years, with PENTAD we are taking another huge leap forward ahead of forthcoming legislation to revolutionise this sector. This offering includes a new-style agreement and a free service to housebuilders to ensure a smooth and cost-effective delivery, implementation, hand-over and exit.


Introducing Pentad

Greenbelt is introducing a new model for the management of communal open spaces - PENTAD. This new product embraces the best elements and removes the concerns around the most commonly used existing solutions:

  • Residential Management Company (RMC) – Homeowners own the open spaces
  • Manager Ownership (MO) – Management company owns the open spaces




Guaranteed professional stewardship of Open Spaces
Guaranteed Handover and exit for housebuilders
3rd Party takes Legal Liability - Directors & Financial
Value for money / price cap / appeal process
Legally guaranteed ownership rights for homeowners
Addresses lender concerns around open-ended charges

Whilst RMC agreements have been more widely adopted housebuilders have increasingly found these problematic to exit from. Homeowners have recognised that, along with having direct control, the liability and risks are also being placed directly onto them as well as the management responsibilities. Greenbelt have sought to address the MO agreement concerns by implementing various consumer focussed policies.

PENTAD combines the best elements of the RMC and MO solutions to empower homeowners by giving them choice and provides housebuilders with a future-proofed solution for the 2020s.

Introducing the Delivery Pathway

As well as our new PENTAD product, Greenbelt are introducing a new Delivery Pathway to assist in all aspects of open space delivery. Housebuilders can take advantage of this complimentary service and gain access to Greenbelt’s wealth of in-house experience, skills and knowledge in horticulture, biodiversity, implementation and planning regulations.

The Greenbelt Delivery Team will provide housebuilders/developers a highly efficient, experienced and seamless end-to-end service for open space delivery:

  • Reviewing planning conditions and implementation plans
  • Overseeing the implementation of the open spaces
  • Auditing all work completed for planning compliance and horticultural integrity
  • Maintaining these areas once completed to ensure bedding-in, biodiversity gain and minimise costs
  • Obtaining local council discharge of the completed open spaces works

These services will minimise the time and money builder-developers invest with earlier handover of maintenance responsibilities to Greenbelt while also guaranteeing a clean handover and exit.

DELIVERY PATHWAY saving you time and money.


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