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As one of the UK's leading specialists in stewardship of public open spaces, our primary responsibility is to ensure these are secure, sustainable and allowed to flourish - all in accordance with the Local Authority and Nationally approved standards.

Greenbelt employs a dynamic workforce that varies from landscape professionals and trained horticulturists to chartered surveyors and legal experts - all supported by our specialised customer-facing teams.

Utilising our in-house knowledge and network of ecological consultants we place conservation and horticultural best practice at the forefront of our service allowing us to make an important contribution to the environment.

Recognised for providing a professional open space management and maintenance service and ensuring the best value for public open spaces on residential developments we compliment this with custom-built industry leading technology.

A Message from our Managing Director


“As Managing Director of Greenbelt Group, it is hugely beneficial to have such an experienced and knowledgeable Board of Directors to work with helping to shape policy and drive the business forward. Greenbelt has all the key industry, horticultural and environmental knowledge to deliver an industry leading service and value to all our customers and clients.”

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Colin Thomson, Managing Director

60,000+ households under management.

15,000+ tonnes CO2 absorbed Annually.

400+ years of experts horticultural knowledge.

20+ years of Greenbelt leading the industry

Meet the Directors

Greenbelt is a family of professionals, who bring with them vast experience and expertise from a diverse range of backgrounds, including the worlds of open space maintenance, forestry, management and finance.

Some of our Experts

Our in house expertise covers a wide range of disciplines, displaying our breadth of knowledge and understanding across a variety of specialist skill sets and applied horticultural best practices:

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