Community engagement is hugely important to us and green spaces are often at the heart of this connection. This is why we’re always keen to help with local initiatives.

  • One of our Customer Liaison Officers meets and greets every homeowner and the extended community
  • We initiate the conversation as early as possible and keep it going
  • We regularly support local initiatives, charity events and fundraisers
  • Our work benefits the extended community and helps to bring people much closer together
  • Our company ethos cherishes our extended family of employees and nurtures personal development
  • We provide literature for sales centres, ensuring prospective buyers are fully informed
  • Our Customer Care Team are always there for homeowners whenever they are needed
  • We are in partnership with Marie Curie and provide enough support to fund at least one nurse for an entire year
SuDS running through well maintained open space surrounded by residential properties
North Hamilton location pinned on the map

At a Glance

Location: Leicester
Area: 160,000m2
Accessed: 2006
Properties: 1,650


Site Features

  • Amenity Grass
  • Equipped Play Area
  • Mature Woodland
  • Hedgerows
  • River Meadows
  • SuDS
  • Street Furniture
  • Hard Surface Pathways
  • Block Pathways
  • Works of Art
  • Brick Walls
  • Metal Painted Fencing
  • Wooden Fencing
  • Amenity Trees

All about North Hamilton

Located North East of Leicester near open countryside, this 1,650-house development on former agricultural land was developed by the Humberstone Trust. It provides river meadows, extensive wetlands, greenways, equipped play areas, general amenity areas and structure planting.

North Hamilton also boasts one of the largest Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SuDS) in the UK. This is used for research and training by many parties, including Abertay University’s Urban Water and Technology Centre.

Due to the scale and complexity of the public open spaces and features, Leicester City Council encouraged the lead Developer to appoint a long-term professional body to manage them. Due to our experience, and our Greenspace Agreement, they recommended we should be considered.

Our Customer Liaison Officer has played a major role in developing community engagement, not only within the 1,650 homes but also the wider community. This continues today and includes the local school and nursery. We also work closely with the Hamilton Residents’ Association.

In 2022, this development was awarded a Green Flag Award by Keep Britain Tidy, an international mark of quality for parks and green spaces. If you would like more information about this award you can read our news story here.

North Hamilton location pinned on the map

At a Glance

Location: Leicester
Area: 160,000m2
Accessed: 2006
Properties: 1,650

How we made this possible

Greenbelt began adopting public open spaces in 2006 with all areas adopted by 2015. Greenbelt ensured regular updated information packs were issued to all sales centres making sure the home buyers knew the details of our involvement from the earliest possible stage.

Daffodils planted in the shape of Marie Curie logo overlooked by residential properties
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We offer flexible, future-proofed solutions that meet the changing nature and increasing complexity of open spaces.

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We have developed a range of innovations and a robust and proven delivery process for our housebuilder clients.

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We provide expert advice and practical guidance on how to enhance and protect biodiversity and meet new BNG legislation.

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