We work with housebuilders to ensure all aspects of Public Open Spaces are delivered smoothly and economically to minimise your costs, reducing time invested and ensure a smooth and efficient exit.

    Our Delivery Team is ready to assist as much as you need; be it:

  • LIAISING with local authorities to assist with planning outcomes and adjustments
  • AUDITING works undertaken to ensure implementation and planning compliance
  • QUOTING for landscape implementation, contract maintenance and specialist consultation
  • ARRANGING with local authority to sign-off and discharge landscape conditions
  • TAKING responsibility for completed areas via interim contract maintenance
  • ENSURING a quicker transition to our homeowner-funded mechanism and early exit
  • Supporting our Delivery Team we have experienced in-house experts in:

  • HORTICULTURE ensures all landscaping is undertaken as per the approved landscape plan
  • ARBORICULTURE protecting, managing and auditing mature trees and woodlands
  • BIODIVERSITY ensures net gain targets are met to tackle climate change and protect wildlife
  • ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT preserves green spaces and allows native flora and fauna to thrive
  • LANDSCAPE MANAGEMENT strategically implements all aspects as efficiently and timeously as possible
  • AND MUCH MORE including landscaping, play areas and customer and community engagement
houses overlooking a path and a field of flowers

Our levels of engagement

The graphics below demonstrates how our solutions are completely bespoke and ensure we meet your precise needs. For each site or parcel on a development there are three phases that describe the transition from Greenbelt’s initial engagement to the housebuilder’s exit and transfer of land title to us. Our diagram also shows in-house teams in our one-stop-shop company, all of whom take full responsibility for the elements in each phase for you.


This achieves your quickest exit from site. We take full management responsibility for all the implementation works and carry out contract maintenance prior to commencing our homeowner-funded mechanism.
Exit can be area specific.

delivery pathway full implementation process


You appoint, and manage, all implementation works. We perform a compliance audit and manage any remediation work and subsequent contract maintenance or commence our homeowner-funded mechanism.
Exit can be area specific.

delivery pathway partial implementation process


You appoint, and manage, the implementation, remediation and contract maintenance works. We perform compliance audits and once all points have been addressed we commence our homeowner-funded mechanism.

delivery pathway minimal implementation process

How we made this possible

At Fox’s Fold in Barton Upon Humber our delivery team were involved with the initial landscaping of a large central area, under instruction from Redrow Homes. A biodiverse meadow and young woodland were also completed in 2015 when the development was initially billed. The remaining central area required additional topsoil to form different levels before its final landscaping.

grassy hill overlooking a row of houses
Sunlight streaming through trees


We offer flexible, future-proofed solutions that meet the changing nature and increasing complexity of open spaces.

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Wild flowers in front of houses


We provide expert advice and practical guidance on how to enhance biodiversity and meet new legislation.

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Bumble bee working on thistles


We work alongside our homeowners and recognise that having quality open spaces helps create stronger communities.

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