We provide future-proofed solutions that meet the changing nature and increasing complexity of public open spaces, while decreasing obligations on homeowners.

  • Our stewardship incorporates homeowner rights and control over public open spaces
  • Our management programmes are designed to meet Biodiversity Net Gain requirements
  • An Annual Management Charge, levied on homeowners, guarantees long-term funding of open spaces
  • Our stewardship and in-house expertise safeguard open spaces and amenities
  • We guarantee housebuilders a trusted, speedy and highly efficient handover/exit
  • We are the single contact point, solely responsible and fully accountable to the homeowners
  • Our solutions are secured through a two-way obligation detailed within property transfer documents
  • Our flexible and adaptable options are able to satisfy multiple stakeholders
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Our solution combines the best elements of Residential Management Company (RMC) and Management Ownership (MO) models and, with the increasing complexity of public open spaces, provides a proven solution to meet forthcoming Biodiversity Net Gain legislation. PENTAD is the model for the future.

Housebuilder Benefits

  • Provides you with a clean exit from site
  • Doesn't require complicated Management Company structures
  • Secures a long-term professional open space service for the homeowners

Homeowner Benefits

  • Provided with the best value for money open space solution
  • Minimal responsibility solution, with built-in rights, that self-regulates
  • Fully incorporated consumer choice options

Homeowners choice

Our solution provides new UK homeowners with choices without burdening them with risk and responsibilities from day one. For more information on how our solution will benefit you and your customers please contact us at

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We have developed a range of innovations and a robust and proven delivery process for our housebuilder clients.

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We provide expert advice and practical guidance on how to enhance biodiversity and meet new legislation.

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We work alongside our homeowners and recognise that having quality open spaces helps create stronger communities.

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