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Path with lavender on either side
Scalebor Park location pinned on the map

At a Glance

Location: West Yorkshire
Area: 58,400 m2
Accessed: 2007
Properties: 147

Scalebor Park: West Yorkshire

Site Features

  • Amenity Grass
  • Shrub Beds
  • Ornamental Hedges
  • Mature Woodland
  • Play Area
  • Metal Painted Fencing
  • Post & Wire Fencing
  • Amenity Trees
  • Public Work of Art
  • Water Courses
  • Signage
  • Benches
  • Dry Stone Walls
  • Mature Amenity Trees
  • Metal Gate
  • Block Paving Paths
  • Loose Surface Paths

All about Scalebor Park

Located in Burley-in-Wharfedale, West Yorkshire, and flanked by beautiful lavender beds, this 150-house development was created in 2007, on the grounds of the old Scalebor Park Hospital. It consists of considerable formal parkland and mature woodland amenity areas, and includes a play area, sports fields and public works of art, enhancing both the views and recreational potential of those local to the village.

In the years since Scalebor Park was established, Greenbelt has worked closely with Bradford City Council to uphold the strictest standards of quality and compliance - ensuring the longevity, health and renewal of its protected mature woodland spaces, with specialised support and oversight from our qualified in-house arborists.

We also engage directly with the Burley in Wharfedale Community Trust and the local Residents’ Association, especially with regards to the community square grounds, works of art and amenity sports areas.

Several years ago, the Community Trust was successful in making a bid for funding to upgrade the sports fields facilities, which included new verti-drainage servicing the playing surfaces. They continue to assist local teams to participate in matches.

How we made this possible

Greenbelt engaged with the developer David Wilson Homes and Bradford City Council over a number of years to ensure the detailed management plan and specifications for all aspects of the development were in place and compliant before billing the homes for the first time in December 2007 and taking title to the areas in 2009.

grassy hill overlooking a row of houses

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