Alex Middleton
Greenbelt provides proven and trusted services for the sustainable, management of open space land on new housing developments. I hope our website helps you to discover more about the Greenbelt ethos of continual growth for your home, your world, your future.

Alex Middleton, Chief Executive

Greenbelt is the UK’s leading open space land management company, acknowledged as the best organisation for achieving quality, sustainable living solutions. With 60,000 household customers, and arrangements for a further 30,000 more, we provide a sustainable model for the long-term management of open space land on new residential developments. The transfer of ownership of this land to Greenbelt is central to our Greenspace arrangement.

Quite simply, we are here to help enhance the natural beauty of your environment. Our mission is to make it a beautiful, healthy and safe place to live – for the benefit of the entire community. To achieve this, we take great care of green space including hard and soft landscaping, new and old woodlands, water features, including sustainable drainage systems, private roads and entrances, and recreational structures such as play areas.

Please feel free to explore our website to find out more . . . including all the latest news, expert advice, charity events and interactive competitions.

Make the most of life with Greenbelt and enjoy your home, your world, your future. 

Our Customer Care Charter

Greenbelt is committed to delivering a service focussed on your home, your world, your future. 


This key mission is underpinned by our Customer Care Charter, which details how we communicate with you and provide information about our standards of service.

You can download our charter here