Greenbelt Add Support To Beat The Street

Greenbelt are delighted to sponsor Beat The Street prizes for Hamilton Residents Association (HRA) in Leicester. 

“It’s been really great seeing so many of our neighbours taking part by walking, cycling, running and scooting – all enjoying the beautiful green spaces while out and about,” says HRA Secretary Minal Kotecha.

“It’s allowed us to get the community together in a COVID-safe way.”

The top point scorers will be rewarded with the following Greenbelt-funded trophies and prizes: 1st Prize £125, plus trophy; 2nd Prize £75, plus trophy; 3rd Prize £50, plus trophy.

There will also be a special prize draw for £25 from all members registered with HRA who scored 220 points or more.

Minal said: “We’d like to say thank you to Greenbelt for sponsoring the prize fund.”

Beat the Street is a free-to-enter challenge where local schools, workplaces and community groups compete to see who can walk, run, cycle, scoot, and roll the furthest by the end of the game.

Participants must find Beat Boxes around their area and hover a contactless card or fob to earn points for their team.

It’s a fantastic initiative and echoes Greenbelt’s own belief in the power of play in green spaces to improve health and wellbeing . . . and bring communities closer together.

The contest, which kicked off on May 26, will reach its grand finale on July 7.

Greenbelt would like to wish HRA’s teams the very best of luck and we look forward to hearing the final results.


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