Marie Curie Floral Tribute

A downwards-facing shot showing several hundred yellow daffodils arranged into the shape of the Marie Curie logo; a larger, single daffodil

PRIOR to the pandemic, we were immensely proud to celebrate Greenbelt’s 20th year in business by committing to donate at least £20,000 per year to Marie Curie – enough to fund a nurse for an entire year.

A UK-wide charity specialising in palliative and end of life care for patients of all ages – as well as emotional support and informational resources to them and their loved ones – the work Marie Curie performs, both at its nine fixed hospice premises and through their community nurses, is very dear to many of us at Greenbelt.

Having learned more about the scope of Marie Curie’s operations and the number of people whose lives their vital work touches – including a humbling opportunity for our directors to tour the incredible Marie Curie hospice facility sited at New Stobhill Hospital, Glasgow – we were keen to make another gesture solidifying our friendship and ongoing fundraising efforts with Marie Curie and their brilliant staff.

We are proud to unveil new planting at our North Hamilton development in Leicester, featuring the Marie Curie logo (a single daffodil, without leaves or stem), composed of several hundred individual daffodils carefully shaped and managed over the past few months.

This marks the end of Marie Curie’s Great Daffodil Appeal, which is the largest fundraising campaign in the hospice sector. Since it began in 1986, the money raised has helped the charity run its essential frontline services providing care and support to people with terminal illnesses and their families across the country.

A grassed area featuring the Marie Curie logo, a large daffodil, comprised of many smaller individual daffodils, with a street and houses in the background

These daffodils will become a permanent feature, flowering around the same time each year to match Marie Curie’s Great Daffodil Appeal, and our ongoing support for their work.

North Hamilton itself is the single largest development we manage anywhere in the UK, both in terms of land area and number of customers.

This means North Hamilton is perhaps the ideal location for such a special floral tribute, as it increases the number of customers who will be able to view and enjoy the arrangement as they move around the development.

It also features the single largest and most complete Sustainable Urban Drainage System (SUDS) under Greenbelt’s management, used for both research and hands-on contractor training in conjunction with Abertay University’s Urban Water and Technology Centre.

If you’d like to support the wonderful work Marie Curie carries out, you can read more or make a donation here, especially as public collections have been cancelled due to the pandemic’s social distancing procedures.

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