Reward your senses in March

Wild ways to look forward to Spring

It’s not long now until March, the month that will herald the beginning of Spring. And this year the potential for a return to some semblance of normality

in our lives makes its arrival so much more welcome. So here are three of the best ways to lift our mood as the days finally grow longer, warmer and more open.

Listen to a skylark

With its incredible repertoire of songs, it’s no surprise Ralph Vaughan Williams took his inspiration from this melodic bird. The Lark Ascending is still one of the nation’s favourite pieces of classic music.

Look out for the male bird burst into the sky from the grass and launch into a remarkable perfomance in a bid to beat his rivals and woo a mate.

The most heart-lifting sign that spring is on its way.

Watch the world spring into life

The ground is suddenly bulb-bursting back into life with flowers such as daffodils – the unmistakable emblem of our chosen charity Marie Curie.

Look out, too, for woodland plants, such as primroses, which can often be found flowering under trees and by hedgerows.

Look out for yellowhammers

With their gorgeously gaudy new plummage and bursts of song, our feathered friends love to flit through hedgerows and flutter through wildflower margins. This is why these wilder areas are a very important part of Greenbelt’s mission to ensure biodiversity is at the heart of our public open spaces.

You can find out more about our commitment to biodiversity by clicking here.

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