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PENTAD . . . the gamechanger!

Here at Greenbelt we’ve been working hard to create the perfect solution for the management of communal open spaces.

With impending leasehold reform, the forthcoming Environmental Bill and concerns with both widely adopted Resident Owned Management Companies (RMC) and Manager Owned (MO) models the need for a new solution has never been greater. Greenbelt, using all our expertise, have developed this in PENTAD!

Current Models

The RMC model of ownership has been widely adopted to try to provide householders ownership control. It also achieves homeowner empowerment but this does come at a cost; they are burdened with the responsibility of managing the open spaces, which are increasingly complex and high-risk, and are also landed with significant legal and financial liabilities.

There is no guarantee of appropriate and consistent professional stewardship, especially in the vital early years of bedding in of the flora, investing in biodiversity and monitoring of the biosphere. Housebuilders are now often having problems exiting these developments.

The MO model has also been widely adopted and has been used by Greenbelt for many years. Providing a clear exit point for housebuilders, as a professional, consistent and sustainable management service solution it ensures the long-term vision of the open space vision are achieved.

It has, however, been met with some concerns over a lack of some homeowner rights and the potential for unrestricted charging. At Greenbelt we have worked hard to address both of these concerns on our developments. We have implemented consumer-focused policies and are able to demonstrate that the annual increase of our management charge averages at under 3% across the UK over the past five years.

This model unfortunately can develop issues when under unscrupulous ownership.

Introducing PENTAD!

As our new model for the management of communal open spaces, PENTAD offers only the best elements and removes all the concerns of the RMC and MO model solutions – with crucial features such as price capping and the right-to-buy options incorporated into the agreement – and provides a guaranteed exit point for the housebuilder. Our in-house expertise and experience ensure we have the right knowledge and skills base to embrace the new Environmental Bill and leasehold reform.

PENTAD lets the experts manage the open spaces, enabling them to flourish and leaving the households to just simply enjoy them.

Above all, PENTAD provides housebuilders with a future-proofed, homeowner-empowering and risk-free solution.

If you’d like to find out more about how PENTAD and Greenbelt can help housebuilders and empower homeowners, simply email