Coronavirus: An Update From Greenbelt

Having introduced our own programme of strict hygiene controls, Greenbelt is continuing with the uninterrupted operation of our services based on the latest Government advice.

We are also providing regular guidance as we look to protect the health and safety of our UK-wide customer base, workforce and contractors. Our goal is to lower the probability of the spread of COVID-19 for us and the world around us.

To help ensure health and wellbeing is not compromised, we are sharing the most up-to-date information.

Internal meetings and other important tasks are being optimised for remote participation, while our office teams are increasing deep cleaning and sanitizing in all spaces.

We are also providing visual reminders for hygiene best practices.

The latest government advice on coronavirus is as follows:

There are massive international efforts underway to tackle the spread of the coronavirus. As a UK-wide company with a national workforce, we want to do everything we can to help the success of these containment efforts.

As we continue to monitor the situation closely and adjust our company policies to respond to what is a rapidly evolving situation, we would like to thank our people, partners, contractors and, of course, our homeowner customers for your assistance, patience and understanding.