Weather Warning

We’d like to alert our customers that the Met Office has issued weather warnings, with very strong winds forecast to hit parts of the UK tonight around 9pm and continue into tomorrow morning.

A low-pressure system is being blamed for the gusting winds, which could reach up to 80mph in Scotland and 45mph in some parts of England.

The Pennines and Scotland’s hills are also due to be hit by wintry showers.

Many parts of the UK will also be hit by spells of driving rain and wind by the weekend, with a storm expected to arrive from North America.

With the chance of injury and danger to life from flying debris, such as tiles blown from roofs, we advise caution and the following measures to stay safe:

Where possible, keep vehicles clear of trees, walls or fences.

Stay indoors as much as possible.

If you do go out, do not walk or shelter under or near trees, walls or fences.

Do not drive unless your journey is absolutely necessary.

Make sure your more vulnerable neighbours are safe.

Finally, keep up to date with all the latest weather bulletins.