Protect Your Garden

It might seem too early yet to be thinking about ‘serious gardening’ but there’s plenty to do in the month of January.

Top of the topical to-do lists should be a top priority mission: protection. And it’s not just garden plants that need your help.


With gales forecast over much of the UK in the coming weeks, plants need to be sheltered from the worst of the wind. Pots and containers can be warmly wrapped up and, if possible, moved under an awning or porch cover and grouped together for mutual protection.

But don’t forget to safely stow your garden furniture in the shed or garage. If there’s no room, be sure to make everything secure with rope.

After all, who can forget the famous video footage of the runaway trampoline bouncing off down the road?


It’s not only delicate blooms that are in danger of being peltered by rain – or, even worse, hailstones. Wooden and metal furniture should be protected from the worst of the downpours with a tarpaulin – no one wants to find their tables and chairs rotten or rusty come barbecue weather.


It’s not easy to forage for food when the ground is frozen solid. Over the next few weeks our feathered friends will be at particular risk, so remember to put out plenty of food and fresh water for visiting birds.


We’ve not had much yet, but you never know . . . so if the white stuff falls and gathers on hedges or young trees, shake off the excess. This prevents tender branches from potentially breaking under the weight.

PS. Pruning hedges to taper at the top will lessen the potential effect of snow damage.

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