Christmas Gifts That Keep On Giving

Stuck for gift ideas this Christmas? Worry not: we’ve the perfect presents for your friends and family. Welcome to your Greenbelt Guide to Garden Gifts – heartfelt offerings that will keep on giving all year round.

Bird table

Our feathered friends deserve their festive feast, too, and feeding tables, readily available from garden centres, pet shops and online retailers, really are one for the birds (and the bird lovers!).

Before buying, first consider the size. Anything less than three-feet square could be too small and lead to rumbles between robins and fights between finches.

Also, to ensure smaller and more timid birds get their fair share, consider an adjustable model that allows the feeding platform to move for different roof heights.

Trowel And Fork Set

They may be small and unable to do the big digs, but they’re also the most used and versatile garden tools ever to be used in earnest.

Your green-fingered friends will relish using the trowel for digging seed drills and spooning compost, while the fork has serious poking, prodding and weed-pulling power. A daring duo indeed!

Wildflower Seed Mixes

This is a present designed to grow on the recipient. Not literally, of course.

Most gift-packed mixtures are designed to flourish in many different soil types and garden environments.

While most will include UK native specimens, the very best mixtures also attract pollinators, helping our butterflies and bees.

Gardener’s Harvest Basket

There’s no greater feeling than reaping the rewards of your garden-grown fruit and veg . . . and a harvest basket will help you bring in the crops with style.

We recommend going for baskets that allow the contents to be rinsed outdoors, while fold-down legs allow everything to drip-dry before being brought into the kitchen.

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