Meet The Expert: Peter Lamb

With a background that has always been in agriculture, forestry, horticulture and all things based in country life, it should come as no great surprise  Peter Lamb chose to set up Eskvalley Landscapes in 1976.

Eskvalley are grounds maintenance contractors who work with property and land management companies.

“We’re a family business and pride ourselves in working to high standards with a highly trained workforce,” says Peter. “We’ve been contracted to Greenbelt for more than 10 years now and cover a wide variety of work programmes with them.”

Eskvalley are greenspace contractors in The Lothians, Fife and the Borders, as well as the North East of England. They also look after the Glenrothes Woodland community woodland contract, where they were part of the Greenbelt award-winning team this year.

Peter explains: “Since we started with Greenbelt, it’s been my mission to personally visit all our sites monthly, deal with any minor issues immediately during these visits and instruct any major works that have arisen to be dealt with by my team.

“Every day I forward any customer care queries to my staff to be dealt with as soon as possible. I also liaise between Greenbelt and owners when discussing any questions or issues with them.”

Another of Peter’s daily tasks is to ensure the innovative on-site Real Time Reporting system is kept fully up to date.

Upskilling and training are also vital and every few months Peter will make sure his staff are fully trained and have the relevant up-to-date certificated for playpark maintenance and Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SUDS) management.

“This winter – as we do every year – we will ensure our staff training is right up to date in order to be ready to take on the next growing season in spring,” he says.

“Because Greenbelt is such a valued client I like to oversee all Greenbelt works personally and my youngest son Jordan and his team deal with all implementation matters!”

Peter admits he can be pretty demanding with his teams but adds: “This ensures the service we provide is always the best it can be!”

As you’d expect, Peter and his team at Eskvalley are very eco-conscious, focusing on sustainable and environmentally friendly work practices.

One issue they are aware of is the company’s carbon footprint, given the large distances employees often travel.

“We do, however, run the most efficient fleet of mulching ride-on mowers,” notes Peter, “which enable us to cut our grass with virtually no grass collection – whilst leaving a very neat job. We are also looking into setting up depots north and south in an effort to reduce our emissions and increase our standard of service.”

When it comes to places to spend hands-on time on the job, Peter is happy to confess he has a personal favourite.

“I really like my work in the woodlands of Glenrothes and get a real kick out of the compliments we often get for a job well done.

“During the course of my working life I often walk through woodlands where the trees are 50ft high and I know that I planted them. It is a great feeling. “

If you’d like to find out more about Greenbelt and our work with contractors all across the UK, why not explore The Green Room?