Get Outdoors For Summer: Woodland Walks

Want to do more this summer? Follow our free Get Outdoors For Summer guide. Today we’re wandering through the UK’s best woodlands – the perfect places to discover the magic of nature and our wonderful wildlife.

There are also secrets to be uncovered. For example, did you know a ‘walking tree’ is born when the trunk’s middle becomes so rotten the tree falls over . . . but it re-roots and grows again?


Walkers share this forest in Peebles with mountain bikers, who have their own dedicated trails to enjoy. Follow the signposts all the way to the woodcutter’s seat for a magnificent view.

There’s even an iron-age thought to have been built in 79AD.


Like your trees more mature? Well, located in Essex, Hatfield is a medieval royal hunting forest and many of its trees are more than 1200 years old!

Relax amid these living sculptures while the youngsters – and young at heart – play hide and seek.


Mountain-biking is also high on the agenda for novices and pros in this forest park in Dolgellau. It covers a vast area, with thousands of acres surrounding the valleys of the rivers Eden, Gain, Mawddach and Wen.

Walking and biking can work up an appetite – thankfully, there’s a riverside picnic area and a cafe.

The Lime Tree Walk

Not all walks are truly wild. Why not take a leisurely stroll along this lane, which is lined by pollarded lime trees?

This dog-friendly route in Moy in Armagh is just two miles long and passes an oak plantation before returning to The Argory house.

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