Welcome to Lagmore Glen

With spring in full swing, Greenbelt’s 600-plus estates and developments across the UK are now enjoying their summer maintenance schedules – including regular pruning, grass cutting and supervisory inspections from our Regional Operations Managers.

We’re excited to share these wonderful photos taken by our Regional Operations Manager for Northern Ireland, Sarah Peilow, showcasing an expanding collection of native bluebells adorning the semi-mature woodlands on our Lagmore Glen estate, located in Dunmurry.

Lagmore Glen, where Greenbelt have been contracted to carry out maintenance since 2008, also features mature amenity trees and young woodlands, amenity and long grassed areas, as well as managed gates, fencing and pathways, strategically placed to bring out the natural beauty of the glen which gives the estate its name.

“Dunmurry is situated between the cities of Belfast and Lisburn,” says Sarah.

“As the Lagmore Glen estate has been built on a hill, from the higher end of the estate you have views of some of Northern Ireland’s most iconic places, looking down on the Harland and Wolf cranes, and across to the Mountains of Mourne.

“However, nestled in the lower end of the site, among the steep tree-covered slopes there is a steadily-spreading colony of native bluebells.

“Among the trees with the birdsong singing all around, it’s easy to forget you’re so close to a busy road network, linking two cities.”

Dunmurry (in Irish, Dún Muirígh, meaning 'Murry's stronghold') was historically an agricultural area dominated by wealthy landowners, but became known for its linen production in the early 19th century, with new roads improving access to local mills and factories.

It remained a small village until the late 1920s, when a post-war construction boom ushered in an era of greenspace development and housebuilding under the Housing Trust, who in 1951 built 1500 social housing units, almost literally laying the foundations for the beautiful estate we manage today.

Dunmurry stayed a standalone “urban townland” for many years, before finally being formally incorporated into Belfast as recently as 2015, when it became the 8th ward of Belfast City Council.

Did you know?

In 1981-2, Dunmurry was the site of a DeLorean Motor Company factory, producing more than 8,000 of the famous ‘DMC-12’ sports cars that would later be immortalised in the film Back to the Future.

Sadly, the factory would close several years before the film hit cinemas, with the company going bankrupt in 1982 – but the factory was bought over by French company Montupet in 1989 and repurposed to manufacture cylinder heads, leaving the DMC-12 with the title of “the only car ever built in Belfast”.