Case Study: Orchard View

Located in the Linthorpe area of Middlesbrough, our attractive Orchard View development provides homeowners with a distinctive paved public square as the focal point of their local open spaces.

The development was built in 2009, upon the former site of Middlesbrough College’s Kirkby campus, with pre-existing tree planting artfully retained and incorporated into the new, evolving landscape.

Bold geometric footpaths link the central paved square and surrounding amenity grasssed areas, forming decorative avenues that showcase the landscape architect’s choice of spring blossom.

These flowering species of Prunus avium ‘Plena’ (a spectacular deciduous double-flowered wild cherry) and Sorbus intermedia (the distinctive Swedish whitebeam, noted for its deeply-lobed leaves and colourful berries) form a rich display that is sure to attract abundant wildlife.

This vibrant public open space offers excellent potential for exercise, recreation, reflection and relaxation to the 92 households which call Orchard View their home.

Similarly, the grassland areas are subject to a grazing regime, as recommended by the development’s ecologist, creatively maintaining the diverse sward while keeping both mechanical costs and carbon emissions to a minimum.

Meanwhile, the historic woodlands which give the development its name date back to the 17th century, receive an annual tree audit.

Orchard View Location

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Orchard View Image
Orchard View Image