Power Of The Pond

Homeowners across the UK are being urged to reintroduce ponds to their gardens.

According to The Wildlife Trust and Royal Horticultural Society these features can often make the biggest difference to protecting our wildlife.

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Let's Celebrate Veggie March!

Did you know this is Veggie Month? Organised by Animal Aid, this wonderful celebration takes place every March.

And to help mark this year’s event in style – and in the best possible taste – here are Greenbelt’s three of the best garden greats for growing, harvesting and eating.

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Students Scoop Prize in 'Green Plan-It' Challenge

Greenbelt recently took part in the Campaign for School Gardening’s ‘Green Plan-It’ challenge, an annual educational event organised by the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS).

School pupils aged 11-19 are eligible to sign up for the challenge – which involves working in teams to research and design an innovative garden or green space for their school or local community.

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