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greenbelt in the community

Balmullo Community Council, St Andrews

We are working with Balmullo Community Council to accommodate their request to plant specific species of trees in a particular location on the development. Although not part of our maintenance programme, we are happy to cooperate to allow the community to agree this commemorative planting.

Rhodes Park, North Berwick

The local community approached Greenbelt to assist in providing a flower/ plant display for the North Berwick In Bloom competition. We contributed plant material and expertise, and really pleased the joint venture has been a success.

Crossgates Residents Association

The Highgrove Park development in Fife asked for our assistance in helping to ensure the newly-grassed areas got properly established. We agreed to their proposal for temporary signs, and issued a circular to all residents seeking their cooperation. It worked. Seeding + signs = smiles!

greater flexibility for uk new home developers in funding public open space adoption.

Greenbelt has recognized during the current housing market climate the need to strengthen its existing solutions to the development industry for the adoption of Public Open Space (POS). In addition to our very successful Greenspace and Development Facilitation Fee solutions we have adapted our funding solutions to provide more flexibility for our developer customers.

In a market where the development industry is working within very tight cash restraints, the payment of larger commuted sums for the adoption of POS is proving difficult, but non adopted POS still remains a burden to all UK new home developers.

Greenbelt is now offering an additional solution for the developer's predicament and will structure a funding model that will enable the developer to fund the cost of POS adoption by way of a part cash payment in conjunction with a property transfer. This benefits the developer in two ways, it reduces the value of cash needed and provides a much needed plot sale and reduction of stock levels in a tough market.

This option still provides a clear exit strategy and allows the developer to relieve itself from its ongoing maintenance liabilities, reduces existing bond levels, relinquishes Health and Safety obligations and planning conditions can be discharged.

It has to be a win win situation and the model has already been successfully concluded with some of our major UK new home developer clients.

Gareth Davies - Greenbelt Group Business Development Director, commented "during the very tough trading conditions all of the UK's new home developers are finding themselves in, we have been revisiting our business solutions to look at ways we can continue to add value for our developer customers and be able to demonstrate our flexibility and willingness to adapt the way we can adopt Public Open Space"

To understand how this solution could add value to your business call our Business Development Team on 08450 940 940.

greenlight for greenbelt - admiral's place

Excerpt from the Upnor Times, newsletter of the Upnor Resident's Association:

"We have noticed a great improvement in the upkeep of Admiral's Place - Greenbelt has been much more active in managing the area and even visiting some residents. If you have any questions or feedback, their contact details are Keith Barnfield, Lands Supervisor, 08450 940 940 or".

greenbelt update on all-party parliamentary group (appg), on land management, westminster june 2009

The All Party Parliamentary Group is a non statutory group of MP's interested in Land Management Companies and their role on new residential developments.

Greenbelt received an invitation to contribute to the group as the company is recognised as a leader in this field. No other Land Management Company received an invitation as far as we know.

Alex Middleton and Richard Taylor, Directors of the Greenbelt Group, voluntarily accepted and attended in early May 2008 with other contributors including The Law Society of Scotland. 7 MP's were present including Greenbelt constituency MP Mohammad Sarwar and the focus of discussion was on the home buying experience, role of developer, planner, solicitor and Greenbelt in providing secure and fair land management arrangements for new developments.

A full transcript of the contents of the meeting was taken and will presumably be made available to public.

This Group intended to prepare a report on their feedback/recommendations from contributors and forward a copy to housing and communities department of Parliament. The Chairman of the meeting gave assurances that any report prepared would be circulated to those parties which contributed however, as at June 2009, Greenbelt have not received sight of a copy and understand that a report has not yet been published.

You can download Greenbelt's submission to the APPG by clicking here.

greenbelt setting standards

Greenbelt's new code of conduct is setting base-line standards in practice and behaviour for contractors and their staff to deliver the highest standards of service.

Greenbelt Group Lands Manager Janet McQuillan says: "As the UK experts in creating and managing residential and commercial landscapes, Greenbelt is committed to exceeding customers' expectations in the quality of our work and services.

"To do this, the standards of workmanship and the behaviour of anyone representing our company have to be exemplary."

Customers have a right to expect high quality of work, so:

  • all contractors' staff must be familiar with site maintenance schedules
  • staff must have access to and be familiar with current site plans
  • all contractual and site-specific obligations must be met
  • maintenance work must not be rushed; schedules are not time-based
  • contractors' staff must be polite, considerate and knowledgeable about their tasks
  • if staff are unable to answer a query, they should:

- direct customers to the site supervisor or team leader or

- offer a Supervisor or Contractor card with Greenbelt's customer freephone number, 0800 028 1749

  • supervisors and team leaders should be available to talk to or walk the site with customers who have concerns or complaints

Read full details of the Greenbelt Code of Conduct here