greenbelt meet west lothian residents to share management options

Greenbelt was pleased to attend the meeting on Saturday 12 January 2008 (attended by around 70 residents and interested parties) to provide further information on the consumer choice options that the company has introduced for all homeowners in Scotland.

Managing Director Alex Middleton commented: "I would like to thank everyone who attended the meeting on Saturday and provided feedback and positive comments both during and after the meeting. We're committed to delivering a high quality, professional service for homeowners that cares for the open spaces on their development. The service is tailored to the needs of each development and can include landscaped areas and shrub beds, play areas, flood prevention schemes and woodland etc.

"Greenbelt is appointed by developers following, in most instances, a tender process ensuring that these services offer value for money to homeowners. We take on the responsibilities and liabilities of this land and provide a secure long term arrangement that recognises the interests of all residents on new developments. The company has recently introduced a new range of consumer choice options that operate entirely within current legislation and Scottish Property Law - these are in addition to existing provisions already set out in current legislation.

Alex Middleton added; "We have put in place several important new measures to improve the quality of our landscaping operations and customer services to ensure our customers get the best possible service, however the new options provide homeowners with additional comfort that if we don't deliver they can make alternative arrangements.

"If anyone would like a copy of the options, they can download them from our website or contact us at Greenbelt Group Limited"