greenbelt group is now a registered property factor

Greenbelt Group has achieved the status of a Registered [Scottish] Property Factor under the Property Factors (Scotland) Act 2011 and our registration number is PF000191.

Property Factors (Scotland) Act 2011

All provisions of the Property Factors (Scotland) Act came into force in Scotland on 1st October 2012.

The Scottish Government has approved our registration under the new law. This enables us to legally continue to offer a land management and maintenance service to our clients and we have the appropriate procedures in place to comply with the new law.

The new law sets minimum standards of practice for the residential property and land management industry and is good news for homeowners. It provides increased protection and improved services for homeowners and assurance to developers.

As one of the leading land management companies in Scotland, Greenbelt has actively supported greater industry regulation and welcomes the new law

The publicly available Property Factor Register can be viewed at:

Customers in Scotland

For all our 21,000 Scottish customers, the new law means several important changes in the way we operate:-

• There is an agreed Code of Conduct with which we must comply.

• In terms of the Code of Conduct we will provide to every customer a written statement of our services. This will contain details of the services we provide [in land management and grounds maintenance] and our policies.

• The introduction of an independent dispute resolution mechanism for home owners dissatisfied with our service. Any customer, who has exhausted our Customer Care process and Complaints Procedure and is still dissatisfied with the outcome, can apply to the Homeowner Housing Panel (HOHP), which has authority to consider complaints against a Property Factor.

Customers in England, Wales or northern Ireland

If you are a customer in England, Wales or Northern Ireland, this new law does not apply to you, and current services are unchanged.