greenbelt extends consumer choice

Greenbelt, the Glasgow-based landscape management company, is introducing new options to extend consumer choice for the management and maintenance of open spaces on new housing developments.

The company, which cares for 750 developments across the UK, provides landscape management and maintenance services through its Greenspace arrangement under which it takes ownership of open space land.

For some time the company has been exploring ways to provide homeowners with the option, should they be unsatisfied with the company and its services, to make alternative arrangements for the landscape management and maintenance of their development.

Greenbelt Managing Director Alex Middleton commented: "The Company is committed to developing best practice throughout its operations from landscape management and maintenance to customer care."

"We've listened to customers and their representatives and have developed a range of options that will, in future, enable homeowners to have more choice in how open spaces on their development are managed. The options include all new and existing developments and will apply immediately."

In developing the options Greenbelt sought expert legal opinion to ensure the new arrangements are covered by existing legislation, Titles Conditions (Scotland) Act 2003.

Alex Middleton added; "We have introduced new measures to improve the quality of our landscaping operations and customer services to ensure our customers get the best possible service from the Greenspace arrangement. However we want to provide them with the reassurance that if we don't deliver they can make alternative arrangements."

A briefing note highlighting how the new arrangements will work is attached or can be viewed on the company's website The company's Customer Care Charter and Code of Conduct are also available on the website.