greenbelt court case victory

Perth Sheriff Court Ruling favours Greenbelt

Greenbelt has achieved a significant victory today with the outcome of a case in Perth Sheriff Court which has found against one of its customers, Mr Forbes, but regret that this action was ever thought necessary.

"It supports our right to charge – and be paid – for a fair and legal business undertaking", said John Beveridge, Greenbelt's Head of Customer Services. "To claim a refund on the basis that no work was carried out on the development when this was simply not the case, has been found to be totally unjustified and misguided", he added.

Greenbelt is one of the UK's leading land management companies, and manages and maintains the public open space land on the Balgarvie development at Scone.

Mr Beveridge went on to say, "This is a great outcome for Greenbelt, particularly since Mr Forbes has waged a two year legal battle trying every device open to him yet he has still lost." Mr Beveridge stressed, "The development is looking good, there is a very high payment rate on the development, no current Customer Care issues, and our contractor is performing well."

He added this judgement justifies Greenbelt's actions to pursue all outstanding debt, and strengthens its legal rights to do so. 06 April 2011