greenbelt bags burglar

Employee thanked for quick thinking

On Monday 25 June while our contractors were carrying out their routine maintenance up near the trees that back on to the top end of Northpark Place, Tam Kerr, part of the Greenbelt Works grounds maintenance squad, spotted a person acting suspiciously.

Tam takes up the story, "I saw someone loitering in the bushes, so I approached him, he looked like he was up to no good, so I phoned the police. I prevented him from making off, the police came very quickly, and they arrested him".

It turns out that the police subsequently established that he had burgled one home, and was in the process of burgling a second when our team spied him and took the action they did.

The only reason we knew about this was that a grateful resident phoned our Customer Care team to express her thanks for preventing further robberies. She praised the quick thinking (of Tam) and wanted us to pass on her thanks to him, which we have now done.

Action over and above the call of duty! But the moral of the story is please make sure your property is secure and don't leave valuables lying about. You can go to or contact your local police office for further information.