Green, green grass . . . Greenbelt targets perfection

At Greenbelt, we are passionate about maintaining the grassed areas on our developments.

Sometimes, however, not even the regular grass-cutting services our teams perform – up to 16 times annually on some sites – are enough to combat weeds.

Particular pest species such as clover and dandelions can be detrimental to lawn surfaces and disrupt the carefully cultivated amenity grass areas that Greenbelt works hard to maintain.

For this reason, we regularly apply a selective herbicide to these sections, targeting troublesome species – while leaving the grass itself untouched and healthy!

“We are at the stage in the summer maintenance season where amenity grass areas benefit from an application of selective herbicide,” said Duncan Park, one of Greenbelt’s Regional Operations Managers for Scotland.

“This is applied in a blanket treatment, usually just once – around June or July, and this year due to the wet weather into August – and normally sprayed on to the grass just after it is cut.

“It only affects the broadleaf weed species within the grass sward – such as clover, dandelions, mosses etc – which wither away, leaving the amenity areas lush and green.”

By tackling such problem areas, Greenbelt helps to keep your home environment healthy and looking great – while our targeted approach is sustainable and cost-effective, which means a good outlook for your world and your future!