Fireworks and Pet Safety

Remember, remember . . . to keep your pets safe and happy!

Tonight many of us will be enjoying spectacular firework displays to mark the Fifth of November.

We should bear in mind, however, the loud noises can be distressing to our pets, especially cats and dogs.

Here are some top tips to help keep our best friends safe and well tonight.

Make sure your furry friends have a safe place to escape the worst of the flash bang wallops, such as snuggled in their bed as far as possible from the noise.

To help make your entire home feel safer, make sure all of the windows are closed and the curtains pulled shut. Some background music or conversation from the telly will help too.

Never ever be tempted to sneak in a quick walkies at times of night when fireworks could be set off.

Make sure all the doors are firmly closed: the last thing you need is Tiddles or Trixie making a great escape if there’s a sudden bang!

Take the time to comfort your furry friends with lots of cuddles, if this helps them to relax. You could also distract them with fun indoor games.

Finally, have a safe and happy Fifth of November, everyone!