Easier, simpler, faster

As part of the plan to provide all of our customers with more information and easier ways to interact with Greenbelt, we are moving more of our communication online – and this includes the roll-out of the company’s on-line billing and payments system.

Now when you log on to the Greenbelt Group website you can quickly and easily check your account. Simply look for the “your account” box on the home page.

You can settle a balance using the safe and secure payment system, or even set up instalment payments, if you prefer.

It’s not just easier for you: it’s kinder to the planet, without the need for paper cheques, envelopes, stamps and delivery.

The online payment is a huge development but it is just one small part of Greenbelt’s bigger aim to provide more online functionality for our customers ­– this also sees the introduction of this brand new website, allowing you to explore all of the work that Greenbelt does.

This is just one of what will be regular news and events updates in our “what’s happening?” section, as well as the chance to “ask the expert” and find out the answers to all of your gardening, landscaping and environment queries.

Another major bonus will be the ability to soon access information on your specific site – with the chance to review progress of work in real time, as well as raise any issues and queries directly with us.

Alex Middleton, Chief Executive of Greenbelt Holdings, believes that communication is a vital element in the company’s overall strategy for delivering the best services at the very best value to all of our customers.

“Effective communication is vital in any business and at Greenbelt we strive to continually look for new and even better ways to interact with our customers.

“I hope that the new website, with its user-friendly design, online payment functions and informative and interactive elements will prove a major boon to all our customers.”