Discover Laighhills . . . from above!

A Dunblane development is one of the first in the UK to benefit from pioneering aerial photography designed to help green space land management.

Barbush, located in the sought after Laighills development of Dunblane, has been the focus of aerial filming carried out by Greenbelt.

CEO Alex Middleton commented: “We take great pride in its careful stewardship of green space land – and continual assessment of management operations in our developments means we can ensure work programmes are in place and of the highest quality.

“As well as on-site visits by experts and consultations with residents, aerial photography can be an invaluable tool to assess the growth and future management of green spaces.”

The aerial photography carried out at Barbush allows for detailed ecological and environmental monitoring – the information, collated over broad spatial scales, allows us to get ‘the big picture’ and plan ahead accordingly.

“Before approaching any development, we first ensure that all legal requirements for such filming are in place,” Mr Middleton pointed out. “Our expert team also discuss in detail the benefits and challenges of using aerial photographs for each particular development and its green spaces.”

Analysis of the images – and the ability to forward plan our operations based on this data – not only provides us with more objective and consistent results, it also means residents enjoy a more cost-effective way to carefully manage their home environment.

Duncan Park, Greenbelt’s Regional Operations Manager (Scotland), has been closely involved with the innovative filming, which is achieved using a remotely piloted drone.

He said: “The main section of this Laighills development was implemented by CALA Homes just over 10 years ago and has been managed by Greenbelt since its inception.

“Located at the North end of Dunblane, it is bordered by the wooded gully of the Allan Water to the West, with mature broadleaved woodland areas to the East and South also.

“Our fantastic new aerial footage shows the relatively long, downhill access road, which features an attractive avenue of Broadleaved Limes, and internally, link paths that traverse the core of the site.

“It also highlights the well planned layout of open amenity areas, incorporating the large central grassed Play Area, with carefully selected structure and individual feature tree planting now coming to maturity.

“The footage certainly demonstrates why residents are rightly proud of their extremely attractive development.”

You can watch the incredible aerial footage of Barbush on our brand new YouTube channel: