development updates for west lothian and milton of leys, inverness

West Lothian: We made a promise to customers back in 2007 on 15 developments to provide them with a 6-monthly update on the condition of each development.

We were also and hold, where appropriate, an annual meeting to engage with people. This has been done, and in fact we have just produced the latest circulars for each of these developments. Where we have identified snagging issues, we have instructed our contractors to rectify matters at their next visit. We have no real issues on any of these developments, but of course if anyone has a problem they would like us to investigate, our free phone line is always available at 0800 028 1749 and our Customer Care team will be pleased to take your call.

Milton of Leys, Inverness: We experienced difficulties with our contractors last year, and produced an action plan to ensure the maintenance specification was fully carried out, and to our required standard. The 10 point plan is -

  • To keep residents informed of progress (circulars have been issued in December 2008 and February 2009)
  • Request a meeting with Highland Council elected representatives (we met with four local councillors at the end of February)
  • Request a meeting with Highland Council officers (we met with Planning and Trading Standards officers at the end of February)
  • Meet the new contractor on site to walk all areas so that what works are required are understood (done in February)
  • Request a meeting with the Residents Association (such a request has been repeatedly refused)
  • Carry out works to remove trees affected by Dutch elm disease (carried out in March)
  • Meet with the developer (Tulloch) to discuss the way forward (met at the end of May)
  • Arrange on site meetings on the various phases of the development to meet with, and discuss, the maintenance regime with customers (still to be undertaken)
  • Arrange a public open meeting to receive feedback (to follow on from No8)
  • Implement increased monitoring and inspection of the development (we now have a supervisor on site every two weeks)

While there are still some issues to resolve, we are confident that our new approach is working, with increased standards and problems being resolved more quickly.