Day in the Life: Regional Operations Manager

Greenbelt is recognised as a national leader in the professional stewardship of public open spaces on new residential housing developments: with 20 years’ industry experience and more than 600 unique locations all across the UK, a lot goes into ensuring these estates are well-kept and monitored regularly.

Supported by office-based clerical teams, Greenbelt’s operational staff spend most of their time on the road, constantly touring our developments to meet with customers and contractors, examine local conditions or ongoing works, and report back to our in-house Site Information System (SIS) to log this.

Donald Ferguson, one of our Regional Operations Managers (ROMs) for Scotland, oversees 114 different housing estates, predominantly across the Scottish Borders and Central Belt, visiting each one monthly and preparing a report for our bank of digital records.

These regular rolling records – called Supervisory Inspection Reports – take into account many different factors, from quality of work to ground and weather conditions, and more besides, creating a detailed monthly report based on these findings.

By logging these first-hand technical observations, it's very easy for supporting staff in our Glasgow, Leeds or Belfast offices to track and review works and occurrences on developments all across the UK - with SIS keeping our teams appraised of all the key information gathered by Regional Operations Managers, at a glance.

Meanwhile, each report also includes a detailed written section which specifies the condition of each item and component on-site, meaning no element of the estate is ignored and no detail ever goes unrecorded.

Like our other Regional Operations Managers across the rest of the UK, Donald inspects every aspect of each one of his 100+ estates, every month – including safety-testing bolts and fasteners on play area equipment, walking perimeter fencelines to check for encroachment, damage or vandalism, and examining the health of woodlands and standalone amenity trees.

Combined with quarterly independent play area inspections and in-depth annual Woodland Audits and Sustainable Urban Drainage System monitoring where applicable, supervisory inspections form Greenbelt’s first line of defence for responding to issues on these estates – or, even better, proactively precluding them ahead of time.

If you’d like to know more about Donald’s background in horticulture and strong educational links, you can read about his recent guest lecture spot with Environmental Psychology students at Scotland’s Rural College.