Stress-free environments

Did you know  April is National Stress Awareness Month?

According to the Mental Health Foundation, 74% of UK adults have been so stressed at some point over the past year they felt unable to cope.

The good news is green spaces can be great for naturally boosting our mental health.

Even little pockets of nature in our communities can provide big benefits to how we feel and think.

In fact, many studies show  the higher the level of green spaces, the lower the levels of anxiety and depression.

Green spaces in new developments help foster a sense of community, which combats feelings of social isolation and promotes psychological wellbeing.

Spending time in nature is also known to create chemicals in the brain linked with low stress, as well as having positive effects on blood pressure.

At Greenbelt we work hard to ensure the open and green spaces we’re responsible for are not only an important part of the community but maintained to the highest possible standard.

Knowing that mental health benefits can come from the services we provide only encourages us to work even harder . . . we’re always striving to grow and become even better at what we do.

And what better reward can there be to find our open spaces bring bring both physical and mental boosts?

If you'd like to find out more about our work, visit The Green Room.