Power Of The Pond

Homeowners across the UK are being urged to reintroduce ponds to their gardens.

According to The Wildlife Trust and Royal Horticultural Society these features can often make the biggest difference to protecting our wildlife.

And, as part of their yearly Wild About Gardens campaign, they’ve joined forces to encourage us to get involved by creating a garden pond of our own.

This could be as simple as a large water-filled container or a deep, sunken pond that wouldn’t look amiss in the grounds of a country mansion.

No matter their size or shape, by offering a clean drinking source, colourful flowers and a safe space to stay, ponds can attract a huge variety of wildlife.

Build a pond and you give local hedgehogs a place to drink.

And for amphibians such as frogs and newts you create a fast food restaurant, romantic hotel and even a nursery.

As part of our own land maintenance we often use Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SUDS) to protect houses from the effects of potential flooding.

However, these also act as the perfect habitats for water-loving wildlife.

You can find out more about SUDS here.