Let's Celebrate Veggie March!

Did you know this is Veggie Month? Organised by Animal Aid, this wonderful celebration takes place every March.

And to help mark this year’s event in style – and in the best possible taste – here are Greenbelt’s three of the best garden greats for growing, harvesting and eating.


Perfect for smaller gardens, porches or patios, tomato plants normally take around 12 weeks before they’re ready to be plucked for your salad bowl.

And it gets even better: your blushing beauties will be available every day for up to six years.


The jury’s still out on whether eating them helps you see in the dark. But one thing’s for sure: carrots are not only packed full of nutritional goodness, they’re ideal for planting right now.

There’s more good news: put them in the garden or even in a window box and they’ll be ready in under 16 weeks.


Buying salad items can be expensive and lettuce . . . well, that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

So let’s grow our own: just a single packet of seeds will be enough for almost half a year’s worth of cool, crispy, crunchy lettuce.

Happy gardening and enjoy your Veggie March with news and events from The Green Room.