Light Bulb Moments

If you yearn for a garden abloom with summer flowers, now is the perfect time to start planting bulbs.

There’s a huge range of summer flowering examples to choose from, but here are two of our favourites.

A is for Agapanthus

If you can’t contain yourself at the thought of beautiful summer blooms, contain some agapanthus instead. Planting in containers offers protection against those sudden winter weather snaps.

There are more varieties than Heinz so take your pick!

Next plant about 9cm deep and 12cm apart in good quality, well-drained compost.

Your containers can be transferred outdoors to a warm, sunny spot in the garden, just as soon as Jack Frost has headed back north.

L is for Lilies

Humility, purity, love, devotion, fertility . . . you name it, chances are the lily is symbolic of it. This really is a bloom for all occasions.

Right now, however, it’s a bulb that need’s planting and it can go straight in the garden, so long as you provide some sunshine (easier said than done!) and well-drained soil.

Give the bulbs a new home around 15-20cm deep in the soil.

Alternatively, if your wet soil just isn’t up to the job, there’s no harm in planting indoors in containers.

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