Jumpstart Your Garden In January

Stay sharp

January is the perfect time for preparation. Are your secateurs clean, sharpened and ready for action? Is your spade edge sharp enough to get on with digging? Is your greenhouse clutter-free and ready to house this year’s bumper crop?

Perfect pruning

Deciduous trees and shrubs are ready for their winter prune right now – fruit trees in particular will benefit from a short back and sides.

Sowing be

Yes, now’s the time to sow bulb onions in your vegetable plot and start growing those lovely tomatoes in your greenhouse.

Happy harvest

And the best bit of all . . . if you’ve been well prepared with your winter veg planting, there should be carrots, cabbages and leeks ready to be harvested this month. There’s nothing quite like homegrown, homemade veggie soup. Happy gardening, happy eating!