Met Office Yellow Warning for Wind & Rain

We would like to alert our customers that the Met Office has issued yellow weather warnings for wind and rain, expected to hit the UK tomorrow, 7th December.

Specifically, there is a yellow warning for high winds in place across all of Scotland (except Shetlands) and parts of Northern Ireland, from 5am-midnight on the 7th December.

Further, a yellow warning for rain has been issued across parts of south Wales and the southwest tip of England; this warning only covers the period from 1am-9am on the 7th December.

There are no weather warnings currently shown for any other day this week, up to and including the Wednesday 12th December.

Our teams have been instructed to remain vigilant to any issues, while our office staff will be monitoring the situation in Greenbelt developments across the UK.

Please be advised that Greenbelt’s Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SUDS) are specifically designed to lower the likelihood of flooding in these instances, keeping our customers safe by absorbing excess water and directing it away from homes and businesses.

We also undertake a rolling programme of Woodland Audits, inspecting each woodland area we manage for structural soundness and general health. By addressing signs of stress, damage or weakness at the first opportunity, we always look to minimise risk in times of extreme weather.

Please remember that, in the first instance, emergency services will always deal with potentially-dangerous situations for the public.

However, where it is safe to do so, we do carry out remedial works as soon as possible.

If you have any urgent concerns, please do contact us by telephone on 0800 028 1749 and follow the simple instructions for connecting to our emergency line.

For any non-urgent queries, you can reach our dedicated customer care team as normal on 0800 028 1749, or by e-mailing