Greenbelt Spotlight: Northern Ireland and Wales

As a UK leader in the management and maintenance of public open space on residential housing developments, Greenbelt provides professional and fully-sustainable services to more than 58,000 homeowner-customers nationwide.

While Wales and Northern Ireland may be geographically smaller than Scotland or England, they still make up a large and important part of the Greenbelt family, home to thousands of our customers and dozens of unique and charming developments.

Sarah Peilow, Greenbelt’s Regional Operations Manger for Northern Ireland, shared this beautiful picture of some rare sunshine struggling through Storm Diana’s onslaught in the Glynnes development, Maghera.

Sarah said: “After two and a half miserable, wet and windy days here in Northern Ireland, the sun finally managed to break through the clouds long enough to highlight the last vestiges of autumn.”

“The Birch trees stubbornly cling to the last of their yellow leaves in this sheltered spot in mid-Ulster, while the red winter colour of the Cornus contrasts against the grass at the Glynnes in Maghera.”

Meanwhile, our Croes Atti development in north-west Wales provides a great range amenities and landscaping features to more than 240 households – from amenity grassed common areas and agricultural hedges, to lighting columns and sustainable urban drainage systems (SUDS).

“Croes Atti continues to expand,” explained Alex Garrett, Greenbelt’s Head of Greenspace Development.

“We’ve recently taken on management of the play area and multi-use games area (MUGA), which is a separate space designated for recreational sport and activities.

“On Croes Atti, the MUGA heavily features outdoor basketball hoops and courts.”

Back in Northern Ireland, Sarah was also on hand to oversee cleaning and repair works to the stone paved areas of the Shorelands development in Cloughey, County Down.

Greenbelt’s programme of managed refurbishment works most typically apply to play areas, which can be hotspots for both vandalism and general wear and tear.

However, as these ‘before and after’ pictures from Shorelands show, other areas can benefit too: by enacting a planned refurbishment programme, we can restore damaged or ailing items back to their original state of repair – all without passing onto our customers the cost of removing and replacing it outright:

“There are recently-completed repairs and cleaning of paving at Shorelands, Cloughey,” Sarah said.

“Our contractors were instructed to power wash and re-grout the granite sets, replacing where necessary.

“They also lifted the sandstone paving, installed a new layer of sand screed underneath, and re-laid the paving.

“Finally, the contractor replaced and re-grouted the broken paving stones, and replaced the missing wall copings.

“I think the finished article speaks for itself.”