Rocking around . . .

Buy a living tree for Christmas . . . here’s why!

It’s your forever friend

Did you know it can take 10 years for a Christmas tree to reach maturity? So why chop it down just to prop up ornaments and lights for a couple of weeks, when you can buy a living tree and keep it forever?

You can replant it

After the festive holidays are over, you can plant the tree in your garden so it can get back to the business of offering shelter to birds and wildlife and removing CO2 from the atmosphere.

You’re saving the planet

Not only will your tree be doing its job but, if we all follow suit, fewer trees will be cut down across the UK, preventing them from being discarded after Christmas. Investing in living trees also means far fewer plastic ones will be produced. Result!

No more being stabbed in the feet

Yes, a final thought. Water your living tree and its oh-so-super-sharp pines won’t shed and lie hidden in the carpet . . . waiting to spike your bare feet on Christmas morning!