Five things you need to know about Hallowe'en

Today is Hallowe’en, when witches are said to take to the air and cause merry mayhem. But did you know . . . ?

Hallowe’en can be traced back to  the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain, celebrating the final harvest of the year

The word itself comes from the Scottish term for "All Hallows’ Eve"

Turnips were first used to carve fiery skulls. When immigrants brought their tradition to the US of A, pumpkins were used instead because they were cheaper

The first Halloween movie featured a killer wearing a Captain Kirk mask sprayed white because the special effects team ran out of money

If you want to meet a witch tonight, folklore has it you should put your clothes on inside out and walk backwards (we suggest you don't try this at home!)

We hope you have a super-spooky, Happy Hallowe’en!