Beat the winter weather

Protect Your Garden From The Chill



As the winter chill settles in, we all need to wrap up warm to protect ourselves from the cold, and our gardens are no different.

As Winter arrives we need to take preventative steps, if we don't want our gardens feeling the effects all the way into Spring.

By just taking care of some simple essentials, we can help to stifle the harsh effects the change in climate can have on our gardens, and minimise any Spring cleaning after it too.

If you haven't already, it's essential to protect your plants before frost settles in as they can fall victim easily if not protected properly.

By applying some bark compost or mulch around areas with herbaceous plants but using grit close to the plants themselves, you can help avoid rotting stems and prevent moisture collecting whilst keeping them warm.

Care should be taken with cordylines, palms and ferns to minimise damage to their crowns, by tying their leaves into bunches or protecting them with wool, fleece or hay.

Evergreen plants also benefit from mulch, and enjoy the extra moisture as they can get easily dehydrated at this time of year.

Tender plants should always be kept in pots during the winter, so they can be moved inside if the weather takes a turn for the worse.

The containers for your plants are also at threat to the cold, and preventative measures like using frost-proof containers can help prevent them cracking. Insulating them with a layer of bubble wrap can also help to prevent this, as well as offering some heat to the roots of the plant.

Removing greenhouse shading will help to conserve and maximise the concentration of light to your plants.

General maintenance of the space before and during the period will also pay dividends, so tidy borders, maintain the lawn and clear any heavy snow if it comes, to prevent branches breaking and plants damaging.

However, if any plants do get damaged by the frost it is not the end. Protect frosted plants by covering or shielding them from the morning sun as too much sun can defrost them too quickly. Use balanced fertiliser on damaged plants to encourage growth and cut away dead plants to make room for new healthy ones.

Remember to consistently take cuttings of the plants as you go, just so you have them as an insurance policy in case things don't go entirely to plan over the coming months.

The frost can cause real damage in your garden, and if the proper care and precaution isn't taken your garden will undoubtedly feel the effects.

So make sure you get your garden wrapped up in time for Christmas.