Welcome to Winter with Greenbelt

The most exciting, challenging and beautiful thing about the natural world is that it’s always moving. The living landscapes Greenbelt manages are no exception, constantly changing and evolving with ground and climate conditions.

This is scarcely more evident than when we move into autumn, as dramatic sunsets and transforming treetops bring bursts of brown, red and orange to our normally-green spaces.

Your local wildlife may also be observed changing their habits at this time of year – with migratory birds and hibernating mammals looking to hunker down through the coming cold spells.

Of course, it’s not just flora and fauna that will be changing things up for the season – we’ll also be moving from our summer to winter maintenance programmes imminently.

Many plants are dormant through the colder months, meaning it's optimal to plant these out during the winter schedule so they're established by the time spring rolls back around.

As such, be sure to look out for slight changes to the management of your open spaces coming soon – with a particular focus on pruning, forking, edging and planting works.

With all the colours and excitement at this time of year, don’t forget to put back your clocks this weekend too. Remember, like the saying goes: “spring forward, fall backward”!

If you’re on the lookout for more fun autumnal activities, remember to check out our Green Room for news updates, fun features and more!