Discover outdoor fun for Autumn

The leaves are lightly falling, the raindrops falling faster and the days drawing shorter . . . but children everywhere are just as keen to have fun in the great outdoors.

So here are Greenbelt’s top ways to enjoy al fresco fun in Autumn.

Take your pick!

From apples to brambles and all manner of soft fruits, now is the season to explore hedgerows and woodlands and get picking.

Fresh fruit can be enjoyed on its own or used to makes jams and preserves.

Always make sure foraging is supervised by a knowledgeable adult who can 100% identify safe fruits to eat.

Play conkers!

Forget sitting at a games console indoors. In days gone by our grandparents and parents loved to get out and about and gather fallen chestnuts to play conkers.

Be careful, though, and remember . . . it’s just for fun!

Make a bird feeder

Don’t forget that winter is coming and, although our feathered friends are enjoying a bumper harvest right now, a bird feeder will help them through the winter months.

A feeder can entice lots of different species of birds into your garden so budding birdwatchers can learn all about them.

Go explore!

Autumn is the perfect time of year to explore local woodlands as the trees wear coats of many colours. And kids will enjoy collecting fallen treasures, such as acorns and pinecones – perfect for painting and making natural Christmas decorations in the months ahead.