Greenbelt Myth-Busting: Getting in Touch

The myth . . .
It’s hard to get in touch with anyone at Greenbelt!

. . . busted
Our dedicated Customer Care team is on hand during office hours every day to take your queries and comments!

If you’d like to find out more information or flag up an issue in your local area, you can get in touch by telephone on 0800 028 1749, or by e-mailing  

If you have a query about your bill or account, you can also reach our helpful Billing department by telephone, again on 0800 028 1749 and then following the audio instructions, or by e-mailing

For those who prefer the personal touch, the postal addresses of our office premises in Leeds and Glasgow are listed here.

Our online customers can also log in and use the supplied web form to e-mail our Customer Care team directly.

While we keep a monitored presence across a range of social networks, we prefer to use these for sharing news and events – rather than as a point of contact in their own right.

We sadly can’t respond to every single comment that comes in through social media – however we do try to refer any issues to our Customer Care and on-the-ground Operations teams, so no homeowner goes unheard!

If you’d like to read more Greenbelt blogs and updates, you can like or follow us on Facebook here, or connect with us on LinkedIn here.

Finally, our out-of-hours emergency freephone line means that the public can reach us at any time of the day or night to report dangerous issues – even while our offices may be closed.

This means that we can co-ordinate our contractors and office staff in order to receive, respond to and resolve potentially-dangerous situations as quickly as possible.

You can reach our emergency phone line by dialling 0800 028 1749, and then following the audio instructions.

Please be advised that our emergency line is used primarily to manage relief efforts in the event of credible danger to life or property – such as storm damage or flood risk.

As such, all non-emergency queries and comments should be addressed to us using one of the other methods outlined above, please.