Veg to sow and grow in September

All the best gardeners know preparation is everything. You may be enjoying this year’s harvest right now but, if you want to enjoy a bumper vegetable crop in the months ahead or Spring next year, you need to know what to plant right now . . . and take action!

Let’s take a look at just some of the tasty veg that can be sown in September.


Spring Cabbages

Popular examples, such as the aptly named April, can be sown directly in the soil – in Autumn the soil is still warm, so seeds tend to germinate quickly – or start them off in modules in the greenhouse.

Broad beans and peas

Sowing now means your beans and peas can establish themselves over the winter, perfectly timed for a tasty crop in Spring.

These veg are particularly hardy but you may want to cover plants with fleece during sudden spells of hard frost.


Want to grow strong as Popeye? Sow your spinach now and offer cloche protection as the weather begins to cool. This will ensure your spinach harvests throughout Autumn and Winter.

The Perpetual variety is very hardy – just like the sailor man – which means it can be sowed outdoors now for a Winter harvest.

Onions and shallots

Planting your onion sets in September means you can enjoy earlier crops next year. Varieties that are ideal for Autumn sowing include the fabulously named Radar and Troy . . . surely the superheroes of the onion world?


Fancy enjoying the fulsome taste of a ravishing radish? Well, radishes are easy to grow in any size of garden and the last direct sowings can be made now – as late September grows cooler, the conditions are ideal.

Happy gardening!