Greenbelt Myth-Busting: Greenspace Service

The myth . . .
All Greenbelt do is cut the grass once in a while! That isn’t value for money!

. . . busted

Greenbelt’s pioneering ‘Greenspace’ model offers a great suite of features and benefits, in a single convenient package.

Our tailored, rolling summer and winter maintenance programmes are designed to manage, protect and enhance your local area.

By accounting for seasonal changes, our summer and winter work programmes allow our teams to work around many common obstacles – including weather conditions, temporary access issues and optimum planting windows. Some of our contractors have recently invested in upgrading their machinery to cope with the British weather all year round.

Where applicable, we manage a wide range of on-site features and components, including shrubs, amenity trees and woodlands; long grass and wildflower meadows; play areas, surfaces and equipment; lighting, paths, and roads; ponds and drainage; bollards, benches, gates and fencing; sculptures and works of public art, and more besides.

Your unique Written Statement of Service (available on our website or enclosed with your bill) will show exactly which parts of your development we’re responsible for, and which features we provide.

IMG 4660In addition to core maintenance work, our Greenspace model provides full Public Liability insurance cover for works. We also undertake regular supervisory inspections to ensure full compliance with the highest European standards and guidelines.

Greenbelt customers enjoy access to dedicated administrative support from our Customer Care and Billing teams, who are on hand every weekday during office hours to assist with any queries. A separate out-of-hours emergency freephone line enables us to provide support and co-ordinate a response, even when our office premises are closed.

Our website features a bespoke portal where customers can log in to pay their bill or view any plans and documentation that relate to their area. Our News section is also regularly updated with fresh articles and features regarding all aspects of the land management industry.xmas

Finally, maintenance works are delivered at cost price – we do not charge a mark-up. We believe that no other UK land management company offers such a wide range of benefits at such a competitive price.