bats get new home at malvern vale

Greenbelt has some very lucky new residents on its new Malvern Vale development. Persimmon Homes, the developers, have built a state of the art house for bats. The new bat house is built out of sustainable material, and comes equipped with its own solar panels. The panels provide an ambient temperature for the bats to roost during the nursery season.

All species of bats and their resting places are protected, and it is an offence to kill or even to interfere with them. The developer agreed to provide this facility for them as part of their planning consent and Greenbelt now has responsibility of looking after and maintaining it. As it is also an offence to damage, destroy or obstruct access to any place used by bats for shelter, whether they are present or not, we will need to take extra care in our grounds maintenance programme.

Part of our responsibility is also to monitor the bat population, so this will mean an annual ecological survey being commissioned.

Yet another unusual feature to add to our portfolio! Just one question - where is the garage for the batmobile?